Off to atMedia

Paul Boag

Well I am off to @media now and then flying out from Gatwick for my annual leave

It promises to be an interesting week and a half. As I have already said I have high expectations of @media and also really need a family holiday to recharge the batteries.

I am hoping that the whole experience will reinvigorate me again as I am feeling somewhat jaded with this whole "web design" lark! I have spent the last week endeavouring to explain the basics of good design with numerous clients and it has left me somewhat demoralised. Nothing a geek fest and family holiday won’t cure.

Anyway the upshot of this is that other than a couple of posts from @media I doubt I will be online much for the next week. So if you could hold off on the emails that would be great. There is nothing worse than coming back to a mountain of mail to sort through.

But, don’t panic. Marcus will be posting next Mondays podcast so you won’t miss out on our brilliant interview with Aral Balkan.