How I organise myself with Omnifocus 2

When we think about productivity we tend to focus on tasks and projects. But, what about the context of our work?

In a departure from my normal videos about Digital strategy and web design, I share a little bit about how I use Omnifocus 2 to organise my life. For me it is about a lot more than organising the tasks and projects I have on the go. It is about achieving broader life objectives.

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  • Enrique Sanchez

    Using folders for “life goals” makes a lot of sense! it really ties everything together. brilliant ideas and post. So “keeping clients happy” is the actual “work” I assume? very interesting.

    • I was wondering this myself! At the moment, keeping clients happy and doing paid work aren’t always mutually inclusive. lol

  • Dave O’Brien

    I’ve been using OmniFocus when it was a set of plugins for Outliner (Kinkless) and have always trialled new approaches to project and context organisation. I have to say I think this video is probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever consumed on the subject. I’ve literally pulled my entire structure and built it back based on your thoughts and my personal experience. Thank you.

  • Adam Long

    thanks so much for posting this. This REALLY clarified something that I’ve been struggling with. I have recently tried to jump in to omnifocus and I like it a lot but still working to incorporate it into my workflow. I have done pretty well with setting up projects, and I’m working on the habit of reviewing my inbox. But I have been struggling with working with contexts. In particular, I find myself getting overwhelmed by a large list of things to do. I love the idea of reviewing just the next action available for each project and then flagging the ones that I most want to focus on. This is a hugely helpful piece of advice. Thanks for posting.

  • I really like how you’ve translated your long-term goals into a list of Projects (ranked by priority) that you then use as a sort of ruler against which you evaluate and prioritize incoming tasks and projects. It’s easy to prioritize against the wrong criteria, and this seems like a nice safeguard.