Our secrets for success, working with clients and staying current

In an interview with Team Treehouse I share how Headscape works with its clients, why we value lifestyle over profits and how we stay on the forefront of our field.

A while back I worked with Team Treehouse to produce some video training on running a successful web design agency. Recently they released a video interview I recorded at the same time.

The video gives an interesting insight into how we approach work at Headscape. In particular we discuss our relationship with clients, how we keep up-to-date in a rapidly changing industry and what it means to be a successful web design agency anyway.

  • Benjamin Milde

    This has nothing to do with this article, but it would be nice, to have the number of comments shown in the headline. I see myself opening the comments-section on most of your articles, but often, there aren’t ones, as I often read them just after they pop up in my rss.

    • That is a good idea. I have passed on to @sheerman (whole built the site). Hopefully he can do something for you.

    • Paul Boag

      Not sure whether you have noticed but we have now added the number of comments to the site :)

      • Benjamin Milde

        Great, that’s what I thought of :)

  • Thanks Paul, this was a really useful and compelling interview. If you don’t mind me saying, although I do enjoy the Boagworld podcasts, I found you particularly engaging and sincere here (that is genuinely meant as a compliment!). I’m nearing the end of my third year in business since choosing to setup my own design consultancy (having worked in other people’s for many years) and the points you made about the rationale and reasoning behind choosing to work for yourself were particularly pertinent and well observed. Thanks again, Kindest regards Simon

    • Thanks Simon. I was pleased with it too to be honest. The team at Treehouse are a lot of fun and they did a good job at getting to the heart of the issues :)

  • simoncox

    Great insightful interview Paul. Helping and mentoring others in the web space comes secondary to most of us as that our environment and taking that to the clients is an obvious step. And most of us learnt how to design and code from leaning off the web itself but you can’t leant how to run a business from the web in the same way but there are now good podcasts and conferences appearing addressing this – so good points from you in the video.

    Sorry I only got to say a quick hello at The Business of Web Design in Cardiff – was hoping to catch up with you in the evening for a natter but hopefully will catch you at another conf.