Paul Boag

So Refresh06 is now over and I am mere moments away from heading back to the UK. Although the conference suffered from the occasional hiccup it has been incredibly enjoyable and I have been inspired by the amazing people I have met.

It has been a pretty incredible time and it’s hard to know what the highlight was. A good contender is the behind the scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Centre organised by a boagworld listener Benny (who is a real life Rocket Scientist!). However, good as that was, I would have to say the top spot has to go to the people I have been fortunate enough to meet.

I am not a big conference goer or indeed even a regular member of the web design community. However I have been made to feel incredibly welcome over the last week. To a large extent this has been down to Andy and Jeremy who have both taken me under their collective wing. Despite the constant humiliation and piss taking, they have both made a point of introducing me to new people and making me feel part of the gang.

And what a gang it is. I am not even going to try and mention everybody I have met, however I would like to say a special thanks to Jina, Dan, Cindy, and Jade who seemed to endure me for longer than most.

For me conferences are all about the people. The talks are a secondary factor. I guess that is a strange thing for me to say as somebody who was speaking at Refresh06 but I honestly believe there is more to learn about web design by chatting over a pint than sitting in a conference hall.

Refresh06 wasn’t perfect. The organisation could have been tighter at times and there have been some problems with the audio recording (meaning my sessions are not going to be available). However, for me none of that matters. What matters is that I got to talk to some incredibly talented people and meet my web design superhero Cameron Moll (although I was too shy to have a long conversation with him!).

All in all a brilliant time and I cannot wait to SXSW.