Shocking suggestion: Charge more to support old browsers!

The idea of charging clients more to make their website look identical in older browsers is not exactly earth shattering. That said I’m amazed how few web designers take this approach. For me the logic is simple. Producing pixel perfect design in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 takes longer and therefore I should be paid for that extra time.

I would be interested to hear how other people approach this problem. Let me know in the comments below.

  • I do this.  I used to charge as much as 3 times my rate for Flash work, too, both to justify my own frustration and to discourage its use.  Maybe that won’t be as much of a problem in the future…

  • I remember filling out a quick poll about this somewhere recently – I’m sure someone can remember where it was, I can’t!

  • Yes definitely do. Its usually a line item in the proposal and a percentage of the development required – by separating it as a line item it makes it easy to discuss it with the client and the issues it brings to the development stage of the project.

    Some clients still pay for it due to requirements, but seemingly some are not taking it on thank goodness.

  • Anonymous

    You should be quoting a project either by the hour or based on the time it will take. If a supporting IE6 + 7 add’s 10 hours to the project the cost of the project should go up. It is what I have always done.

  • JasonStanley

    You should be quoting a project either by the hour or based on the time it will take. If a supporting IE6 + 7 add’s 10 hours to the project the cost of the project should go up. It is what I have always done.

  • We do this but also deal with it on a contract basis. We have coding standards that we include into the proposals. Currently we do not support IE 7 or lower on all future projects. Any other support has to be asked for and we charge appropriately.

  • Anonymous

    Been doing it for a while now! Clients suddenly stopped caring quite so much about rounded corners in IE6.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more! Developed for ancient browsers is a pain for everyone. Users using those browsers should be used to everything looking bad, so why should our site be the exception? If enough sites prompt them to upgrade, they might!

  • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve discussed this with other team members at the agency I work at. As far as I’m concerned if clients want their website to look good in IE6, 7 & 8 then they should be prepared to pay more for the development/build time involved in order to do so.

    I’ve suggested a quarter of the overall project cost eg: if a project estimate/cost comes in at £100,000 then to build/develop for the above mentioned browsers the cost would increase to £125,000. I’ve yet to see if agency management are willing to listen/think about this.

    My assumption/hope would be that clients would realise that it would not be worth the extra money. However I do think it’s our responsibility for us to educate the client as to whats involved in building/developing for these older browsers.

  • Glad to see others agree – I’ve never really given it a second thought. Our contract stipulates that additional development for IE6 means additional charges. Similarly to @JamieStanton:disqus, in three years we haven’t had a client pay for it.

  • Doing it for years now, never had a complaint. Still always avoid leaving the IE6 user in a closed alley.
    @David Dashifen: That’s great too, charge extra for Flash, still love coding AS3 but not worth it, it’s a pain to maintain.

  • Interesting approach but when the client refuses to pay is the user with the old browser the victim… And we should do everthing for the user, right? 

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