Should you work alone or with others?

Paul Boag

In an upcoming episode of the podcast we are discussing the pros and cons of going into business with others.

As part of our season on running your own web design business we are going to tackle working with others. Should you setup a business with somebody else and if so how should that work?

As somebody who has worked with others and by myself I see pros and cons to each approach. I have had partners and employees. Both provide benefits and challenges.

Carl Smith will be joining us on the show as he has had similar experiences of working for himself and as part of a team at ngen. I am sure he will have a lot to add to the conversation.

But most importantly we want to hear your experiences. What challenges have you faced working alone? What do you miss about working with others? What questions do you have about going down the partnership route? What fears do you have? Do you have any stories to share. Put them in the comments.