Running a successful web design business

Paul Boag

Being your own boss does not always live up to our expectations. Often it feels like your company runs you rather than the other way round. Fortunately there are things you can do to make life better.

Once again the wonderful people at Carsonified were kind enough to invite me to speak at the Future of Web design New York. This time they gave me the title “getting down to business: being successful in web design“.

In this talk I asked what it means to be successful and looked at some of the common challenges that are faced by the vast majority of freelancers and web design business owners. Hopefully you will find my experiences of running my own web design business useful in combating the stress and pressure in your own business.

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Talk Description:

Many go freelance or set up their own agency in search of more freedom, more time and more cash. However, in reality many web design businesses are more demanding on their founders than even the most unreasonable boss.

Freelancers often work longer hours, take less holiday and have poorer work-life balances than most employed web designers. The business becomes a monster that has to be fed constantly.
In his talk, Paul looks at how to grow your business in a controlled way that facilitates the life you want to live. From sales and marketing to client management and getting work done, Paul shows you how to “work to live” rather than “live to work.”