SXSW: Web design elections?

Paul Boag

In the closest thing we have to a web design popularity contest, its time to vote for this years SXSW panels.

Hello all. It is that time of year again. You know what I mean, the time when every web designer who likes to think of themselves as a speaker asks you to vote for their talk at SXSW. I think this is the closest thing we have to an election in the web design community!

Thanks to your support I have been able to speak at SXSW for the last three years. And this year I want to speak again so would very much appreciate your vote.

However unusually I am not the only person from Headscape who wants to speak this time around. Marcus Lillington, Relly Annett Baker and Rob Borley have all been asked to join potential panels and I would very much appreciate it if you took the time to vote for them as well.

A drunkard pleads for people to vote for his panel.

I know this is a ridiculous exercise, especially as half of you are unlikely to even intend. However your vote would be appreciated and I’ll buy you a pint when next I see you!*.

The talks being proposed by us Headscapers are as follows:

Unbelievable eCommerce: Increase Sales By 10000%

Many believe the secret to a successful ecommerce site is to copy Amazon. However, that rarely works. Your website is not Amazon. Instead it has a unique offering that caters to a specific audience. Once you realise that you can achieve unbelievable things. In his talk Paul explains how he took one ecommerce website from relatively successful beginnings to unbelievable heights. In only 5 years he and the team at Headscape increased sales on the site by a staggering 10,000%. What makes the story even more unbelievable is that the average customer is over 80 years old! This single example will act as a case study that guides you towards better understanding your audience and growing your online sales significantly.

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Project Management for Humans

Whether it’s on the front lines or behind the scenes, Project Management is critical to every discipline in web development projects. Keeping your internal project team and your clients happy while making sure that the project runs smoothly are not easy tasks, but you don’t have to be a robot to run a project! Simple humans can make sure a project is delivered on time and on budget. This session will cover the basics on how to manage your project like a pro and keep your clients happy. A group of seasoned project managers will share their experiences (and horror stories) on projects they’ve worked on, and point to specific, useful methodologies that have helped them to gracefully manage large and small projects alike.

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We’re All Salesmen – The Truth About Selling

The simple truth is that selling your service is hardwork, probably much harder than actually doing the work. Whether it’s design, development, seo, business development whatever, it’s tough out there and we’re going to try and help you to make it a bit easier. Our panel will attempt to demystify the sales process, give you tips on how to sell better and hopefully help you increase the time you spend working and decrease the time you spend selling. Every detail of your interactions with the world make up part of your sales pack, whether it’s your blog, your flickr feed, your tweets, your clothes and so on it all makes up part of the sales experience. Equally spending hours answering questions that nobody asked won’t do you any favours… Drawing from all levels of industry expertise, from reluctant salesman to seasoned professional we’ll delve into the secretive world of sales and give you some tips on how to win more work with less stress.

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The Little Voices Made Me Do It

@RellyAB (of Headscape) and @nicepaul invite you on a voyage of discovery of their work – as a content strategist and a UX designer respectively – and how their two little boys, Thing 1 and Thing 2, have moulded (or is that muddled?) their thinking about online experiences for everyone, age 1 to 101. An authentic experience is promised with Lego and sweets for attendees who play nicely and at least one tantrum guaranteed. Just don’t make @RellyAB use her Mummy Voice.

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I do appreciate you taking the effort to vote. Its a silly thing but it means a lot.

*This is in no way a binding contract. Drinks limited to one per person or less if I am feeling tight.