Terrorist attack on London

Paul Boag

As I sit here watching the bombings of London unfold I feel a need to write a few words on what I am seeing.

Courage in the face of chaos

This is the third time I have stopped work to watch images of terrorism piped into my home via BBC 24. Whether it is 9/11, the Madrid bombings or here at home I am always amazed at the courage of individuals caught up in events.

I was in central London only yesterday and yet I can only guess at the terror people must be feeling amidst the obvious chaos there. However, despite the fear people must be currently experience there seems to be a calm determination that we will not allow this attack to cripple us.

An impressive response by emergency services

What has particularly impressed me in this attack is the rapid and organised response of emergency services on the ground. I suppose this attack has been inevitable for sometime due to our actions over the war in Iraq and our close relationship with America, so it should come as no surprise that our emergency services are ready to act. However theory is one thing, reality is another and I cannot help but be impressed at the way they have responded.

Misunderstanding the British

There is talk that this attack is an attempt to create a climate of fear in the British nation. Without wanting to sound overly patriotic I would suggest that this is an extremely hard thing to achieve in Britain. We are a nation that lived through the Blitz of World War Two and even though that generation has largely passed it is somehow apart of our national identity now. What is more my generation grew up under the shadow of terrorism from the IRA with attacks on Manchester and London being just two that spring to mind let alone the endless bomb scares that seemed to plague every city. I do not believe that a single coordinated attack on London will have any real effect on the way we live our lives.

Obviously I want to end this entry by saying my hopes and prayers are with those that have family and friends either, dead, injured or unaccounted for. There is a lot of talk about how the damage could have been a lot worse and the death count much higher. However that comes as no consolation to the people currently suffering from this attack.