Why this blog sucks and a better alternative

Do you wish we posted more techie articles here at Boagworld? Would you like some more meaty web design content? If so, read on.

Many readers of this blog find it immensely frustrating. Sure, you get great content about running a successful website, but I stoically refuse to write about technical or complex design issues.

This, of course, is intentional. All along I have aimed this blog squarely at those who run websites but don’t necessarily know a lot about web design. When I do talk tech or design, I do so in a way that anybody can understand.

Of course if you are a web designer this can become frustrating. You want technical stuff and design advice. Fortunately the guys at Headscape are here to help you out with a new site called The Barn.

The Barn is a blog written by some great people at Headscape such as @cargowire, @leigh, @edmerritt, @webdesignchris and @bobscape.

It covers all of the more ‘web design’ related topics that don’t fit on boagworld. Subjects such as:

It also has some great free downloads including

Not only does it have loads of great content it also has an amazing piece of what I can only call Pixel Art. It is worth checking out the site to play with this header graphic.

The pixel art on the new Barn website

Inevitably there will be some overlap with boagworld content and when that happens we will be sure to repost it here. However, if you are a web designer and interested in what we get up to at Headscape then this is the blog for you.

Visit the Barn

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  • Happy to see that this kind of content gets his own place, a place I will definitely check out. This because I never find myself frustrated with your blog. It’s the other way around: there is such a wild growth of pure tech / design blogs that I’m glad to have a blog that talks about the business / concepts / ideas behind it all. Where many other blogs talk about techniques which are mostly very theoretical, I actually find your blog a very usable resource for the other side of things, especially because all that other stuff isn’t on it.