Why you should be procrasti-working

Paul Boag

I leant a new word when I was in Vancouver for Interlink last month. The word was procrasti-work.

The term was coined by Jessica Hische, a talented letterer and illustrator with a plethora of side projects under her belt.

My understanding of the term includes any ‘work’ you choose to do when you really should be doing something more important. In Jessica’s case this included all of the side projects she worked on when she should have been doing client work.

The term resinated with me because I was working on a couple of articles that touched on the subject of procrasti-working (although I hadn’t given it that funky title).

One was the post for Smashing Magazine that I recently mention dealing with the subject of side projects.

The other is a post that has just been released by the Web Designer Depot and tackles the subject of procrastination. In this post I suggest that no matter how hard we try, we all procrastinate. We do it when our energy levels are low and instead of fighting this urge we should work with it.

I go on to suggest a number of things we can do as web professionals, to make use of those downtimes and still be constructive.

If you struggle to stay motivated, this is the post for you.

However, before you click through to the article, I would love to hear some of the things you do when you cannot face another line of HTML. Let me know in the comments below.

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